Ann & Peter

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Ann arrived with her son Peter at Kirkleatham after being referred to us by Peter’s social worker. Peter has suffered from brain damage after an accident in 1985. Ann has struggled to find anything that engages Peter, after she has spent a lifetime in retraining him in life skills. Peter was initially very quiet and reluctant to get involved. Now, Ann says "it just wonderful to see Peter doing things, smiling and laughing, I am not worrying about him, it's like being on holiday” Ann & Peter took part in the third Viking procession with Peter the complete Viking. Ann added “its the most significant and liberating thing her son has done in the past 35 years”

Kaydee & crew

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Kaydee is a carer with the Adult Day Service, striving to bring her colleagues and service users out of the general day care service and into the community. She loves the sessions at held at Kirkleatham as they are so inclusive. She says its great that they are treated as individuals and are making friends outside their care group as well as inspiring creative ideas. “The whole thing has created a bubble of calm and we are so happy to be part of it!”


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Julie had seen a poster advertising the session in Kirkleatham Museum. Having suffered a stroke in 2016, that left her coping with tiredness and depression, she was Initially anxious and overwhelmed. She has found the sessions are helping her find her old self and she has started feeling more positive “as everyone is so nice, people say I’m creative and do you know what, I am”.


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Alan originally walked past and was pointed in our direction by his son at the very first Whippet up Session held in Saltburn Woodland centre. Since those early days he has managed to find us at all our other sessions including Kirkleatham. Recently diagnosed with dementia, he says the sessions have “helped him have a focus and keep him going”. An ex woodwork teacher he has constructed a rocket and as withdrawn as he says he is, has managed to be a Viking in three parades and sings whenever there is an opportunity.

Violet & Martin

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Violet and Martin had been recommended to attend by a volunteer at the Monday sessions. Violet has been her son’s carer for the past 8 years after Martin, diagnosed with schizophrenia, has had a history of mental illness. Martin was withdrawn and quiet when he first came to the sessions and reluctant to participate, Violet did not know what to expect. Through the sessions he has started moving around the grounds with his walker, started talking about his passions for music and drawing and smiling. Violet has made new friends and has said how emotional it is to see her son come to life.


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