Organisations we have worked with:

Tall Ships Hartlepool

Stella Hall
Tall Ships Hartlepool Creative Producer

“Thank you so much for bringing the new version of ‘For the People; by the People’ to Tall Ships. We were so happy to have you with us, and know we had a reliable team of seasoned professionals. We are grateful to have had such a lovely and relevant show entertaining the crowds, the feedback has been fantastic.”

Middlesbrough Borough Council

John-Robert Bowes
Middlesbrough Museums Manager

“MBC are supporting Whippet Up to run creative health sessions at the Dorman Museum. Having Whippet Up in the museum has been fantastic, they have linked sessions into our exhibitions creating new exhibits and generating a buzz of excitement”.

Tees Valley Combined Authority

Chris Parmley TVCA Creative Place Development Officer

“Tees Valley Combined Authority are pleased to support Whippet Up’s Creative Health Programme, fostering local talent and inclusivity. Whippet Up empower Tees Valley Residents, breaking barriers through creativity & well-being sessions, and promoting active engagement in local festivals and events.”

Festival of Thrift

Stella Hall Creative Director Festival of Thrift

"Whippet Up are infectiously enthusiastic in all they do! Inspiring, down to earth, creative and inclusive, they draw you into their world where nothing is impossible and wrap you in a warm glow of pride at your own abilities. We love them at Festival of Thrift – and anywhere else they might pop up!"

Stellar Projects

Rachel Willis - Stella Projects

"Whippet Up are quite simply a brilliant bunch of humans who work with amazing energy and passion to inspire their local community to take part in the arts. I love their commitment to developing long-term programmes of activity which are accessible for all those who need it, their work shows the positive impact creativity can have whatever your age or ability and indeed what a lifeline that can become for many."

South Tees Public Health

Sharon Chappell Community Health Development Co-ordinator

"Take a tub of glitter, add the silliest song, mix together with a huge dose of giggles in a kindness bowl and out pops WHIPPET UP!!"

Carers Together

Jay Jackson Volunteer & Engagement Co-ordinator

"Whippet Up have provided brilliant support, inspired new hobbies and loads of much needed laughs for unpaid carers."

Stockton International Riverside Festival

Juliet Hardy Creative Programmes Manager Stockton on Tees Borough Council

“Working with Whippet Up across 2 years of Great Place Tees Valley Carnival project was fantastic! The positive impacts to the group that Whippet up connected with over the duration of 3 carnivals from across the project was completely palpable! Such a joy to see such enthusiastic confident performers in the SIRF parade, an absolute highlight of the festival for me and a credit to the brilliant work of the team at Whippet Up!”

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

Lisa Storey, Cultural Development and Programmes Manager

"Working with Whippet up has been a pleasure and an inspiration. Whippet up are a key creative partner in Redcar and Cleveland whose work is truly embedded into the heart of our community. The impacts of our collaborations on several recent projects and events have been extremely positive and fruitful for our participants and wider communities and beyond."